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The personal data to be submitted while utilizing from services of this web site will be under controlled by owner of the web site or IHY Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş. at law in relation to this information.

The data with regards to the services of this web site may be processed by IHY. The expressions of “Our Company”, “IHY Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş.”, “IHY” and “We” which are used in order for this Privacy Policy refer to the IHY Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş. legal entity which keeps under control the personal data belonging to the visitors. The expression of “We” used in this Privacy Policy refers to your personality.

  • Data Collection
  • Use of Personal Data
  • Transmission of Personal Data to Other Organizations
  • Disclosure of Personal Data not within the Knowledge of Public to Third Parties not in connection with IHY
  • Protection of Children Privacy
  • Use of “cookie”
  • Our Policy regarding “Cookies”
  • Access to, Change Personal Data and Withdrawal of Approval
  • Transfer of Personal Data to Other Countries
  • Personal Data Retention
  • Security
  • Transfer
  • Modifications

Data Collection

The expression of “Personal Data” refers to the information about you or the third parties you represent (for example your family members, if you are giving information about your family while using the site). Typically, identifying information is collected to:

  • while providing information about your personal profile or a direct request via “Contact Us” function in the site (e.g. name, surname, e-mail, and mail addresses)
  • upon your approval, obtained from finance associations, companies and third parties, or
  • indirectly, by using ‘cookie’ (like the way described below) or while personalizing the software, or while observing the use of certain pages of the site or other technical ways that make it possible for us to observe your use of the site

We will collect, keep, process, use, forward and announce the collected personal data only in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

In case you act on behalf of third parties as an intercessor or in another way, or provide information to us regarding third parties (e.g. family member), this circumstance means that you undertake the responsibility of being the said authorized representative or intercessor of third party and obtain the relevant approval from third party in order to collect information, process, use and announce.

Our intention is not to seek any type of sensitive information which could constitute criminal offence under Art. 135 of the Turkish Criminal Code. By providing sensitive information to us without our request, you permit us to use the information for following purposes in line with relevant laws. Transfer of the subjects stated in this Privacy Policy to third party, providing a copy of this policy to said third party and direction of third parties to Web Site are under your responsibility since we received the information belonging to third party.

Use of Personal Data

A user may choose to provide and process personal information we collect via this web site or in other ways in the following examples:

  • Management of the web site
  • Send bulletin with regards to IHY services and transmit announcements
  • Update our records and database
  • Enhance personalization properties of services we provide or retain information regarding you and third party that you transfer its information to us (e.g. your employer). The expression of services within the scope of IHY refers to all of tools and database we use in order for management of services we provide.

Transfer of Data to Other Organizations

The information will only be declared to the personnel of IHY and information technology management and quality control personnel and these personnel will only process mentioned information in accordance with the purposed indicated in this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of Personal Data not within the Knowledge of Public to Third Parties not in connection with IHY  

We provide the personal information not within the knowledge of public to the third parties not in connection with IHY only under the circumstances allowed by laws and regulations. The personal information not within the knowledge of public may only be provided to the third parties not in connection with IHY only under the circumstances allowed by laws and regulations in accordance with the conditions stated below:

  • For the purpose of fulfilment of summons, warrant of apprehension or legal requirements that issued bindingly and having the power of sanction;
  • During the inspection of professional practice realized by ISMMMO regularly or depending on a special reason for IHY. During this transaction, relevant sanctions will be taken in order for not to announce the information obtained during the inspection by prospective purchaser of   IHY. (i.e a written nondisclosure agreement will be signed);
  • While getting involved to the actual or probable legal transactions initiated by or to us or transactions aimed at termination of other disputes provided that relevant information are announced for the purpose of initiating mentioned lawsuit, participation in the proceedings and pleadings in the lawsuit and reasonable actions are taken in order for not to announce the information to the public,
  • While providing information to the third parties who provide service or perform duties for us pursuant to agreement provisions prohibits to use such information by the third party for the purpose except the reason of issue, who are not in connection with IHY;
  • While providing information to the data processor, goods and service suppliers for the purpose of only putting in process of your requests regarding service and information.

Protection of Children Privacy

IHY understands the importance of protecting children’s privacy especially in an online environment. Even if the web site covered by this privacy policy are not intentionally designed for or directed at children 18 years of age or younger, it may be required to gather and keep information regarding children in order for providing services on behalf of you.

It is our policy never to knowingly collect or maintain information about anyone under the age of 18.

Use of “Cookie”

Cookie is the name given to the information that sent by an internet service provider to the computer of the user and information that is placed on such computer. The information placed on cookies may be used when the user return to the mentioned web site. Cookies may contain various information including registration times of the user to the said web site. We can follow how you use the web site during one session by using individual session cookies for each user. We can provide some special services by determining the browser which you use through cookies.

You can learn how you can refuse a cookie from your computer by using the ‘help’ function placed on most of the browsers and understand whether the cookie is sent or not, you may completely deactivate these cookies. However, this is to remind that in case you deactivate the cookies, you cannot use this web site completely.

Our Policy regarding “Cookies”

This web site uses “cookies” for several purposes including indicated below:

  • Access your significant information in order to personalized content after log on the web site;
  • Follow your choices you indicate while you use this web site such as date and number formats you prefer.

We value the privacy of information belonging to you. We implement below mentioned rules to protect the privacy and security of your confidential information at the highest possible level:

  • This site does not provide “cookie” on your disk driver permanently. In case you close your scanner or leave the web site, “cookies” will be removed.
  • The information on all “cookies” sent from this web site to your computer is sent with passwords.

Access to, Change Personal Data and Withdrawal of Approval

You may request for accessing all personal information that we collect regarding you through this web site and correction of these information, also you may request from us to delete personal information belonging to you if you do not desire us to process this information. You may have additional rights regarding this issue pursuant to relevant laws and regulations. You may send your requests and similar queries to the e-mail address of via e-mail. As explained above, in case you allow that your personal information will be collected, kept, processed, used, transferred and announced or you allow beforehand, you can withdraw you approval whenever you wish by applying via e-mail to our private information firm at the address of

You can update the part of information that we keep regarding you by changing your profile directly by yourselves.

The laws may oblige us to keep determined information during significant periods. For this reason, the amendments regarding your personal information stated in this article and removal of this information are subject to requirements of laws.

Personal Data Retention

The personal information will be kept only for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy during the time period stated by relevant laws and regulations.


We implement generally accepted standards of technology including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and operational security in order to protect personally identifiable information. However, the confidentiality of the information may be compromised by unauthorized people through the network without the necessary security precautions due to the nature of the Internet.

We provide security after we obtain the information.


In this Privacy Policy, the rules about the information applied during IHY’s normal activities are being handled. IHY may transfer all this information to an enterprise that will take over the activities.


IHY reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason.

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